Wastewater treatment plants, machinery and equipment for wastewater from domestic and industrial nature.

ADIZO is a company that designs and manufactures water treatment plants, machinery and equipment for wastewater from domestic and industrial nature. She has many years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment. The entire Design manager Angel Dimitrov, comply with the requirements of the Law on Environmental Protection.
Research, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service stations and facilities for wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial nature. Grid-mechanical and manual cleaning, decanters, grease traps, flotation, ejector, impeller aerator thickener sludge filters, filters, dosing systems for disinfecting wastewater. It offers a variety of wastewater treatment and filtration equipment of wastewater houses and hotels and installations for domestic and industrial wastewater.
Company ADIZO work with modern high-tech products. Reputation and is correct company thanks to his foresight and flexible policy of expeditious and precise operation, managed to become Bulgarian market for production of modular water treatment facilities. The company has its own factory, equipped with modern production machinery and equipment.
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Professional associations since 2005

  • Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design - full design capacity:
  • / 05/2005 Protocol of CRC in KIIP Part "Technological business energy and mining, purifying water and air and waste treatment" Reg.№04256 /
  • Membership in "Bulgarian Water Association."
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Our development goals

International cooperation, investment in the future and coherent social policy

International activity

Permanent holdings of company ADIZO in the international exhibition "Water Sofia" and the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv. Make it known and recognized on the international market in the field of water treatment.


The company has realized projects of much of the Balkan Peninsula.

Human resource

Social and security policy of the company are focused on protecting the interests of staff and devotes special attention to compliance with labor - legislative provisions. Constantly invests in various activities associated with improving staff qualifications, creation of financial-incentive models and different events, integration with nature.

Investment projects

automated management and process control operation of the treatment facility, creating security and peace of mind to our customers. The company develops active investment policy.


Develop and implement a GPRS system for monitoring, managing and monitoring of treatment facilities.

Second chance for the Water!


The company boasts designed and built water treatment plants and wastewater facilities to:         
cottages, holiday homes, roadside catering, meat processing plants,
dairies, slaughterhouses, enterprises Leather, car washes, gas stations across the country.




Purification installations


Modular Purification Installations


Happy customers


Companies are working to achieve the desired quality of our products.

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